CCIMC Gets Own Scientific Committee, Members Installed

The Scientific Committee of the Economic Observatory of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry Mines and Crafts (CCIMC) has fully gone functional with members installed into their functions.

While commissioning the ten member Committee on Thursday 31stAugust 2017 in Yaoundé, the President of the CCIMC, Honorable Christophe Eken said their selection was neither by chance nor coincidence, but based on a carefully thought out process based on their internationally recognized competences especially in the quality of their scientific research works. Hon. Eken advised the Committee to distinguish itself by guaranteeing the professional quality of their publications which must be “methodically and rigorously elaborated with the hallmark of power and notoriety”, both at the national and at the international level.

The installation of the Scientific Committee comes within the backdrop of the current economic situation that does not as much provide for a conducive environment for businesses to thrive given intensifying international competition and the ever growing mobility of factors of production. It was within this backdrop that the President of the CCIMC cautioned the Committee to work with a strong ambition and develop a well-adapted system that would permit them to properly observe, collect and analyze economic data that would adequately inform decisions makers and stakeholders on how to reinvigorate the private sector which is the very foundation of a solid economy.

For his part, the Regional Delegate of the CCIMC for the Centre, Mr. Etounga Manguele Daniel who doubles as Chairperson of the Committee, welcomed the creation of the structure and declared their readiness to execute the assignment conferred on them to the letter. He acknowledged the delicate but important nature of their mission but remained optimistic that the right people had been put in the appropriate positions to deliver the goods.

It should be recalled that the creation and appointment of members of the Scientific Committee of the Economic Observatory of the CCIMC are respectively contained in a decision signed on 12th June 2017 by the President of the Consular Institution. The following personalities, mostly University dons, constitute the Committee:

President: Mr. Etounga Manguele Daniel

Vice-President: Baye Menjo Francis


       -  Professor AtanagaOndoa Henri

       -  Professor FombaKamga Benjamin

       -   Dr MbangaKassiHermo Jean Pierre Olivier

       -   Mr. Nkou Jean Pascal

       -   Mr. Yangam Emmanuel

       -    Mr. Emini Arnault Christian

       -    Mr. Ousmanou Ngam

       -   Mr. Director of Studies and Economic Information (CCIMC)

The Secretariat of the Committee is manned three senior staff of the Directorate of Studies and Economic Information of the CCIMC. The immediate task of the Committee as defined by the standing orders, would consist of elaborating a report on the state of Cameroon’s economy in 2016, 

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