Implementation of Pilot Project and the ISEP under way at the CCIMC

This is the outcome of an overall mission linked to the CCIMC Pilot Project and the Information Systems Enhancement Project (ISEP) undertaken within the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMC) from 27th November to 1st December 2017 in Douala and Yaounde respectively.

The mission was carried out by a team of five consultants and experts, to wit: Denis Deschamps, Permanent Delegate of the CPCCAF, Benoît Maille, CCI Paris Ile-De-France, Bernard Vidal, consultant, Fouad Kodja, CCI of Marseille Provence and Elie Sawadogo, information systems expert from the CCI-BF.

The objectives sought under the Pilot Project consisted in finalising the database of businesses by the CCI-BF, installing the economic mapping tool and training CCIMC focal points on its use. Also included was the setting up of the new digital information device – digital library, monitoring device, database package - at the Economic Information and Documentation Centre (CIDE), as well as training staff on using and maintaining it.  

The team held working session with the CCIMC to draft an addendum to enable the Pilot Project, whose end had been earmarked for 15th November 2017, to be extended beyond 2017 and also to negotiate for additional funding.

The team then travelled to Yaounde for a meeting with the AFD with a view to taking stock of the various projects, then ended its mission with a stop at the CCIMC Centre Regional Delegation in Yaounde to present the diverse tools.

Following the week-long work, the objectives set at the onset of the mission were all met, reason for satisfaction that the business database was finalized and installed on the server and client stations, the mapping tool finalized and installed in like manner, with staff trained on its use, and the new monitoring device installed with workers trained too.

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