National accounts in the first quarter of 2017

In the first quarter of 2017, GDP increased 1.1%. However, compared to the first quarter 2016, we observe a slowdown in the economy
On the supply side, the good news comes from the primary sector, where all industries have performed well despite the slowdown observed in "industrial and export agriculture", which is still affected by the decline in cocoa prices. Similarly, all sectors of the tertiary sector recorded positive contributions to growth, with the exception of "public administration, health and education" affected by a contraction in staff costs. In contrast, the weak performance of the secondary sector, which recorded a negative contribution of 1.5 percentage points to growth, explains the underperformance on the supply side. Two sectors contributed mainly to this decline in activity in this sector, namely the "crude oil extraction" and "buildings and public works" sectors.
On the demand side, growth is attributable to the good performance of the private component of investment and final consumption despite a decline in their public components; all moderated by a slowdown in foreign trade, with a 0.7% drop in exports combined with a 4.1% increase in imports.
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